Debris netting VS Privacy Netting

Debris netting and privacy fencing are both fabrics designed to either provide an economical barrier to help contain debris or trash on your jobsite, or provide a visual barrier from outside the work area.

Both products are made from a knitted, monofilament polyethylene material with reinforced edges for additional strength and anchoring points.

The products are differentiated by their shade ratings:

  • Debris netting has a shade rating of 40%
  • Privacy netting has a shade rating of 90%

The primary purpose of Debris netting is to prevent any trash or debris from blowing off of the jobsite while still allowing for air to pass through.

For Privacy netting, the primary difference is the 90% shade rating, which means the netting material has a much tighter, concentrated weave. This creates an efficient visual barrier to keep your site safe and secure.

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